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Student Government

Student Government Officers 2022-2023

SGA President -
SGA President-Elect -
SGA Secretary & Treasurer -

SGA Faculty Advisors
Caitlin Cushing [email protected]
Ben Darnell [email protected]

Senior Class (2023) Officers

President - Joey Janicki
Vice President - Emma Mays
Secretary - Elizabeth Chanda
Treasurer - Gracen Bruner

Class Advisors
Jessica Solomon [email protected]
Hamilton Perkins [email protected]

Junior Class (2024) Officers

President - Garrett Branson
Vice President - Brennan Bradley
Secretary - Savannah Rayborn
Treasurer - Ava Saenz

Class Advisors

Tammy Powell [email protected]
Mark Dragon  [email protected]

Sophomore Class (2025) Officers

President - Noelle Oswalt
Vice President - Laura Chanda
Secretary - Addison Varinoski
Treasurer - Kayla Stutts

Class Advisors
Andrea Oswalt [email protected]
Ben Darnell [email protected]

Freshmen Class (2026) Officers

President - Gracie Durham
Vice President - Claire Bailey
Secretary - Kelsey Foxx
Treasurer - Shaina Holloway

Class Advisors
Jennifer Clifton [email protected]
Sathya Naru [email protected]


Please remember that any high school student can be a part of the SGA Club.  These are our elected officers, but we are always in need of hard workers and bright ideas.