Kim Loy

Welcome to First Grade!

Hello, families!
Here's what's happening next week (10/3/22-10/7/22):
Theme: Apples 🍎
Literacy Skill: S-blend s/ Verbs
Sight Words: call, from, which, very 
Math: Module 1 Lessons 35-38...the end of module test will be on Tuesday Oct. 11th.
-Next Thursday we are planning to have an apple tasting party to sample different products made from apples/items. If you would like to bring in a pre-packaged or store-bought item, feel free to do so. (Examples of some items: apple muffins, apple crisps/chips, apple cookies, applesauce, apple juice, apple jelly/butter, etc.).  I am not doing a sign-up genius but if you would like to reply all to this email and share, that is fine.  
-Our prize box is full!!!! Thank you for the goodies:)
-The field trip is on Friday, October 7th. Students will ride the bus and parents can meet us there. They suggest parents arrive by 9:00 so that everyone has a chance to pay before we arrive.  This is to help save time so that everyone is ready when we get there and the tour can start promptly at 9:30. You are free to sign out your child after the field trip.  They are anticipating us to finish up around 10:30 or 10:45.
-Teacher workday October 14th (no school for students)

Mrs. Loy