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Car Rider Line

car-rider lineThe safety of our students is our utmost priority. Please be sure to take all precautions when dropping off or picking up your child in the car-rider line.

Car-rider procedures:
  • Each family will receive a name card. Please place this card in the front window so that the name is clearly visible.
  • Morning drop-off times begin at 7:20 am (for middle and high school) and at 7:30 am (for elementary school). After 7:45 am (middle and high school) and 8:00 am (elementary), the student is considered tardy. Parents must park in the lot and bring their child to the front office to be signed in and receive a tardy slip.
  • Morning traffic is a single lane of one way traffic. Please enter from Hortense Street (becomes Cheeks Lane) in a single line. Please move forward as far as possible to unload your student. RMA staff members are stationed to assist your child in getting out of the car.
  • Afternoon dismissal begins at 2:25 pm for elementary, 2:30 pm for middle school, and 2:35 pm for high school.
  • Afternoon traffic is two lanes of one way traffic. Please enter from Hortense Street (becomes Cheeks Lane). The inner lane (closest to the building) is for elementary students only. The outer lane is for middle and/or high school students or a combination of elementary, middle and high school students.
  • Do not get out of your car while in the car-rider line. A RMA staff member will assist your child in getting into or out of the car.
  • Please keep the car-rider line moving. Do not stop to have a conversation with the car-rider staff. If you need to speak to your child's teacher, you will need to set up an appointment.
  • For safety reasons, please do not talk on your cell phone while in the car-rider line and in the school zone.
  • To keep our children safe, please do not use other entrances, do not park in the Hursey's Restaurant parking lot, do not park in the RMA lot, and do not allow your child to walk through the car-rider line traffic.

car rider 2016 revised