Emailing Ms. Davis

Emailing Ms. Davis
(Check out important information about emailing Ms. Davis)

sd[email protected]


*I make it a priority to try and acknowledge all emails in a timely manner.

*Please try and remember there is only 1 of me and almost 100 of you.

*If you do not get a timely response, it is extremely likely I did not receive your message.


*I seldom get a chance to check emails during the school day. 

*Need a response before 2:30pm...
ontact our wonderful front office staff at

Email/Submit Assignment:

*If you email me a paper or a word document, I will open it and reply "GOT IT" as soon as possible.

*Your "GOT IT" message from me means....
                    I RECEIVED your document.
                           I can OPEN  your document.

*If you DO NOT get a "GOT IT" message from me...
                        ASSUME I

YOU are RESPONSIBLE for RESENDING any document that DOES NOT receive a "GOT IT" message.