Gustav Klimt Tree of life Project
Art 6, 7, 8 
Jan. 4-14, 2022

Gustav Klimt is a wonderful artist to introduce to art students. The shapes, shiny metallic colors, patterns, and swirls Klimt used are very appealing and his art style should connect with students.

Bahrain is home to an apparently 400 years old tree named the Tree Of Life .  What makes this tree so special is that it not only lives in the middle of the desert, it also still remains a mystery where the tree gets it’s water source. Since all students should visit the tree in research, it becomes the perfect subject matter to draw and paint a la Klimt mode!

Look at Klimt’s background and his famous artwork.  You will concentrate on his painting of the Tree of Life as inspiration for your composition. Focus on the swirls and patterns in his works. Your next assignment will be a tree composition in the style of Klimt designed in colors and gray to black line work.

 Everyone will  get 14” x 17” paper or larger to design your own interpretation and vision of the tree of life.


 Drawing Requirements:

 1.  the tree should fill up most of the paper space  

 2.  the tree trunk can be any shape but must be thick

 3.  there will be no visible leaves, only branches

 4.  students be creative with the way you draw the branches and how they spread out on the paper.

  Two thirds of your paper should be covered by branches and their design created within the space.

The trees will be outlined with permanent black marker.

 Students will divide sections in the tree trunk and fill each section with different lines and patterns with a dark pencil. These pencil lines will not be outlined with a black marker. Thick branches will also be filled with pencil lines and patterns.

Finally, geometric and organic shapes will be designed under the tree, between the branches and open spaces around the tree. These will be painted with color or the metallic paints.