Justin Holdren

Hello My Name Is...

Justin Holdren


About The Teacher

Mr. Justin Holdren    [email protected]

SCHOOL: River Mill Academy

CLASS: Art Education K-12

SCHOOL PHONE: 336 229-0909 ext 7543


For monthly updates about what we are doing in art classes, click the RMA Arts Blog link! Once you get to the blog, make sure to click the Post title to see the whole post with pictures.


Welcome to Visual Arts!

I have been working as a freelance visual artist for almost twenty years and I look forward to exploring the world of art with students and sharing what I have learned with them to hopefully foster an appreciation and love for art. We had a great year last year and I look forward to working with your students again.

Be sure to check out the RMA Arts Blog link here on my teacher website to see monthly updates about what we are working on in art class!

Projects for middle and high school will be posted to my school website pages here as they are assigned to students. You can find them by clicking on the middle or high school links.

In addition to project grades, students will receive a weekly participation grade based on their participation in class and class activities as well as their conduct during class time.


    Current wish list of needed donations for the art room:

- Packs of Broad Point Crayola Markers -

- Black Sharpie Markers - (much needed)

- Packs of Crayola Crayons (any size) -

- Crayola or Prang student watercolor sets -

- Packs of multipurpose white drawing paper at least letter size or bigger (sketch pads with removable sheets are good too) - Can be found in School craft section at Michaels or sketch pads can be found at dollar stores as well

**These are items that are always needed and donations of these allow me to save money on our art budget so I can save money in the budget for special items to use with your kids.**
Thank you!