Andrea Oswalt


Andrea Oswalt
Foundations of Math 1
Math 1


Foundations of Math 1 and Math 1 will cover the entire NC Math 1 curriculum over the course of a year (2 semesters). Students who successfully complete both parts of this class will receive 2 credits - 1 elective credit and 1 math credit - towards graduation. The NC Math 1 EOC exam will be administered in May.


Welcome to Foundations of Math 1. I am looking forward to an exciting experience in molding each of you into confident  and competent math students! 

In this course, students will be provided learning experiences that lead to establishing solid skills in the study of Math 1. These skills include: solving equations, factoring expressions, evaluating expressions, writing and graphing equations, functions and statistics.
Students will also become more familiar with graphing calculators. 

This course will have a mid-term and final exam.


Welcome to Math 1.
In this course, students will apply skills and concepts developed in Foundations to the standards in Math 1. These skills include: understanding functions and function notation by exploring linear, quadratic and exponential functions; graphing inequalities and systems of equations; literal equations and statistics. 
Students will use graphing calculators to manipulate and graph data.

This course will have NC Checkins, mid-term and  NC  End of Course final exam.


Please feel free to email me at aoswalt@rivermill-academy or call/text me @ 910-548-1915 with any questions or concerns.