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River Mill Academy has partnered with local restaurants to provide exciting menu choices. The lunch price is $3.75 for all grade levels.
Lunches must be pre-ordered at www.MySchoolAccount.com. Orders must be placed before midnight Thursday for the following week. MySchoolAccount offers parents the ability to monitor their child's meal purchases, track what children have been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into student meal accounts, transfer funds between students, and have an email reminder sent when an account balance gets low. Deposits and pre-orders can be made through ACH or Credit Card payments. Each child's account will be updated nightly so that pre-orders and account balance information will be current the following day.

Note:  There will be a per-transaction convenience fee of $2.00 associated with each deposit made through www.MySchoolAccount.com provided you are using checking/savings. There is a 4.75% fee associated with all credit card payments. Payment is also accepted in the school cafeteria (cash or check only). There are no fees if payment is made in the cafeteria. Payments made in the cafeteria will post to the student's account overnight and the account balance information will be current the following morning.

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