High School Art Class Projects
  • Most Recent projects will appear below. Scroll down to see past projects. Students will also receive a weekly participation grade for class participation and conduct.

    In addition to more involved projects posted to this page, we will be completing in class mini projects as well that will not be listed here and students will receive a grade for these as well. You will see those smaller projects and assignments listed in Powerschool.

    Mexican Folk Art Inspired Design - Due Friday September 29th


Students will create a full page design inspired by the Mexican Folk Art we discussed and studied:

Students will:

Create a design with a central theme ( Birds, Animals, Sun, etc.)

Embellish design with layers of flat color and patterns similar to Mexican Folk art designs

Finished color work on design will be done with acrylics, watercolor, or colored permanent markers


Junk Food Themed Monoprint - Due Monday September 18th

junk food

For this project, students will create a junk food themed relief print using the printmaking methods we have discussed.

Project directions as follows:

  • Students will select an inspiration picture of a dessert or type of junk food to create the plate for their print
  • Once teacher approves picture, student will create a concept sketch of the finished print design in full color
  • Concept sketch will be transferred to a piece of printing foam - you will then redraw the design with a sharp object like a ball point pen to carve your design into the foam
  • Once plate is made, we will ink the plates and pull the prints in class
  • Students will pull several copies of prints as each one will be slightly different
  • Student will add some accent at least one of their prints with some paint to create a layered print
  • Grading rubric will be listed in project description in PowerSchool


Notan Black and White Project - Due Thursday, September 14th

For this project, students will complete a Notan drawing using the principles of Notan we studied. 

Students will:


  • Select a photo to be approved by teacher that has high contrast and a strong light and dark pattern
  • Photo can be a landscape, portrait, wildlife, object or still life arrangement
  • Student will complete the artwork using only 2 values and only in black and white
  • Photo must have a strong pattern of highlights and shadows to be successful
  • Student may complete the piece in ink or paint and may put their design on black or white paper
  • See the example above of a piece done with black paint on white paper with the white paper serving as the highlights
  • Grading Rubric will be listed in project details in Powerschool


Contemporary Impressionist Project - Due Thursday, August 30th

impressionist 1

Students will complete a colored piece in their chosen media from a photo reference that is approved by Mr. Holdren. The goal of this project is to use some of the impressionist techniques we have discussed relating to color, and how the line work and paint is applied.

Students will:

  • Choose a photo reference that you can draw and/or paint in an impressionistic style
  • Techniques such as colorful shadows, expressive line and brushwork, and expressive paint or color application should be shown in your work
  • The goal is to create an "impression" of what you see in your reference. The goal is not photorealism and smooth shading but rather broken color and expressive line and brushwork
  • Use your "artistic license" to alter the reference composition if it will lend a more "Impressionist" feel to your piece
  • Pieces will be graded on effort, creativity, craftsmanship, and understanding impressionist concepts

Grading rubric will be listed in project description in Powerschool


Zentangle Tree Project - Due Friday 8/18

tree 1

• Design must fill the whole page and you will choose a tree from the provided reference photos in class and fill it with your own zentangle designs
• Designs can be any arrangement of shapes, lines, and patterns that you would like to fill in your object drawing
• Once the design is drawn, accent your design by darkening some of your line widths and creating contrast by darkening some areas with solid black
• Design will be created in black and white for Art 1 students and can be finished in ball point pen, black marker, or sharpie 

  • Art 2,3, and 4 students will add layers of color with watercolor or marker
  • There should be layers of pattern and design to create contrast and depth

Initial value