High School Art Class Projects

Most Recent projects will appear below. Scroll down to see past projects. Students will also receive a weekly participation grade for class participation and conduct.

In addition to more involved projects posted to this page, we will be completing in class mini projects as well that will not be listed here and students will receive a grade for these as well. You will see those smaller projects and assignments listed in Powerschool.

2nd Semester project List

Acrylic painting sunflower project - Due 3/3/2023

Students will complete an acrylic painting of a sunflower in a landscape using instructor provided reference.

Students will show their understanding of the concepts of color, color mixing, and drawing with the brush that we have studied. Full grading rubric listed in assignment details in Powerschool.


Wayne Thiebaud inspired art in class mini project - Due 2/24/23

wayne thiebaud

Students will create a small artwork on watercolor paper inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud's sweet and dessert paintings.
Students will choose a dessert or sweet food image to paint that will be approved by instructor.

Project will be a mini project completed in class. Grading criteria listed in project description in powerschool


Warhol pop art inspired portrait print- Due 2/10/23

Photo is example of project by another artist

Students will create a pop art portrait print inspired by the silkscreen prints by Andy Warhol. Process will be discussed in class and we will layer a photo printed on acetate over a colored underpainting and then embellish the surface of the print with metallic ink.

Grading criteria/rubric as follows:

50% points - Student followed all instructions and ended up with a completed print

15% points - Student showed an understanding of the printing process and applied what they learned about the pop art style

15% points - Student showed creativity in the color scheme chosen for the underpainting and the way they applied the embellishments

20% - Student went above doing the bare minimum and showed an effort to create a high quality of work in the finished piece


Monochromatic Still Life drawing
   -  Due 1/17/23

Students will complete a still life drawing from one of the references below or may choose their own image of objects as long as it is approved by teacher.

Objectives of this project:

  • Complete a finished still life drawing using only tones of black and white - NO COLOR.
  • Students may use pencil, charcoal, or ink.
  • Show at least two different values on the objects to show the direction of light. At least one light side and one shadow side must be shown with a simple gradation. You may show additional tones if you wish - such as highlights, reflected light, etc.

Grading Criteria or Rubric will be as listed below:

50% points - Student completed a finished drawing and followed all instruction and at least two values are represented.
25% points - Student showed an understanding of indicating the direction of light by placing values correctly
25% points - Student showed an understanding of using basic shapes to depict objects in photo

Reference Photos:

still life 4

still life

still life 2

 still life 3

Initial value