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High School Final Exams

High School Fall Semester Final Exams
Posted on 11/26/2023
ExamsAll high school students shall take semester examinations. Exams begin on Wednesday, December 13, and continue through Monday, December 18.

High School students may be exempt from final examinations when they have met the following criteria.

The following exam exemption requirements apply to core classes:
  • Exemptions apply only to seniors.
  • Student must maintain a course average of 90 or higher
  • Student must have three or fewer absences for the course (excused or unexcused)
  • Students must have five or fewer late arrivals to school over the course of the semester (excused or unexcused)
  • Students in grades 9 to 12 may be exempt from elective final examinations using the above criteria.

The North Carolina End-of-Course Tests are used to sample a student’s knowledge of subject-related concepts as specified in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and to provide a global estimate of the student’s mastery of the material in a particular content area. Students may not exempt a state mandated assessment regardless of the grade they are earning in the class.

State End-of-Course Exams and Final Exams count as 20% of the final grade.