Homework and Assessment Reminders

*PLEASE NOTE: Assessments for Spelling and MOST Reading and Math will be on Fridays. However, if it is a shortened week they will be on the Thursday or final day of the week
Science and Social Studies will mostly be Project based Assessments or mini open note quizzes. There will be nothing to study for Social Studies or Science. There are anchor charts and the students will have their notes for projects and quizzes.

*New Spelling words for the month of November are put on the Weekly Newsletter. The students are being asked to know 73 of the 100 High frequency words for the 4th grade. We are doing 15 words per week. The students will be writing the definitions on Mondays and writing their words in their planners. The assessments will not be on Spelling alone. The students will need to know the meaning of words and be able to spell them correctly. The test will not be just spelling the word on paper. There will be a variety of ways to show the students have mastered their words, such as fill in the blank, multiple choice or matching definitions, and being able to determine the correct spelling of words.

This week we are working on Math Standards NF.2 Comparing and Ordering fractions. In Reading we are continuing to work on RI.4.6.
Students should be completing one Readtheory quiz every night. By Friday if they have done their quizzes all week they will get a 100 percent HW grade! Please ensure you are checking that your child has done their Homework daily and sign their planners! Thank you!
khanacademy code- 2WSQ2Z65

11/27- Reading HW-Readtheory
Math-Red book Module 5 pg.65-69
Study spelling/vocab definitions

11/28 Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework-Red Book Module 5 pg 57-60
Study spelling/vocab definitions

11/29 Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework: Red book Module 5 pgs 61-64
Study spelling/vocab definitions

11/30 Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework: Compare and Order worksheet
Study spelling/vocab definitions

Spelling Choice boardWord problem clue words