Philip Hochreiter

Hello My Name Is...

Philip Hochreiter

Welcome!  I'm ready for this year and I hope you are is well.  It is the goal of our 5th grade team to make online/distance learning the best experience we can make it.  With your help and a positive attitude, I know we can accomplish great things.

I've taught for over 20 years and love what I do.  I usually work out before I come to school so I am ready to go when school begins each day.  I am married to an amazing woman and have a fantastic son.  In addition, I've got the coolest little little puppy.  He's 7 months and full of energy.  His name is Leroy and he is a Frenchton.

I am a sports nut and still play soccer and tennis, but I watch just about any sport.  I have a little place down at the beach and spend a lot of time on my boat fishing.  I'm a big reader as all of us should be, and I love to work with my hands either building or after Hurricane Florence rebuilding.  It took me about 8 months to do the repairs on my place after Florence.  I learned a lot and that is something that I am always striving to do.  Learn new things each and every day.  That's enough for now and I can't wait to meet all of you.

Below is the Distance Learning Supply List
1. Dry Erase markers
3. Enclosed pencil sharpener
4. Pencil pouch
5. 5 composition notebooks (not spiral bound)
6. Planner (include dates, be sure the spaces are large enough to write in!)

4th Grade Team in one minute.

Contact me- [email protected]