Pirate News

What we are learning - week of 12-5-22

CAFE: We will finish up our context clues lesson and have a test on Friday.  

We will be taking our end of module for module 3 on Friday. We will do our last two lessons on Monday and Tuesday and then review on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Social Studies: We will finish our Native American unit this week with a final project and some reading passages. 

Science: Will return in January 

WritingWe are working on silly stories to practice our writing skills. 

Graded assignments for the week: 
1. Context clues test


1.End of Module 3 test

Social Studies

Notes from Miss Maness:
Mrs. Bradshaw is starting math masters next week and I will start quizzing students on their math facts. They must check off the math fact with me before going to Mrs. Bradshaw.