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Intro to Philosophy - Course Description and Expectations

Intro to Philosophy  – Materials and Expectations

Course Description

This course is designed to be an introduction into the field of Philosophy.

The course will focus upon learning historical aspects of Philosophy.

The course will also focus on learning the language of and the terminology of Philosophy.

Upon acquiring an understanding of the aforementioned information, the class will further examine the Philosophical Themes of Logic, Epistemology, and Ethics.

The course will also provide insight into Metaphysics, Aesthetics, and Politics.


Materials Needed by the Student
2 Spiral Notebooks, 1 Binder or Composition Book, Pens & Pencils

Grading Scale & Grading Policy
A – 90 to 100 B – 80 to 89  C – 70 to 79   D – 60 to 69  F – 59 & Below

Numerical Grades will be given for all Tests/Projects/Presentations (50% of total grade)
These grades will be weighted equally. Late Projects will be accepted for 3 days.
10 points will be deducted from the actual grade, for each day you are late.

* Students will participate in a Test Review Tutorial, when the graded tests are returned. Students who have low test performance (D or F) will have to participate in a teacher assessment session, for no additional credit.  The purpose of the tutorial and assessment is to properly ensure that students are ready to move on.  If students fail the follow-up assessment or do not attend the tutorial, their parents will be contacted. 

(Projects must be already printed and promptly turned in at the time requested.)

Homework will count for 25% of the total grade.
Late homework will be accepted for 3 days. 10 points will be deducted from the actual homework grade, for each day you are late.                                                         
(Homework must be printed and promptly turned in at the time that it is requested.)

Classwork will count for 25% of the total grade.
(Participation, Analysis, Proper Focus, etc.)

Absences & Suspensions

* Students who miss work due to absence or suspensions, will be allowed to complete their missed assignments, tests, projects, etc.   Students are responsible for getting their missed work from their teachers.  Lengthy absences will receive reasonable consideration.  Parents should contact their child’s teacher if they are concerned about work missing due to absence.

Cheating will result in a disciplinary referral to River Mill Administration.

Final Exams - There will be a Final Exam.
(Students may opt out of the Final Exam if they have both of the following criteria:   If their overall average for the course is 90 or above.  If they also have less than four absences for the semester.)

Contact Information
I want each of you to have a very successful year! Please come by my room and see me, if you have any questions or concerns about anything! You may also reach me at (336) 212-4502. My email address for this class is [email protected]