Watercolor Painting Vocabulary List
1. Background-the area around and behind the main subject area in a painting

2. Balance- the equalization of the elements in a painting. ( A design principal: symmetrical,  asymmetrical, or radial )

3. Bead- a tiny pool of color formed by gravity at the  bottom of a wet wash when applied to     tilted or slanted watercolor paper.

4. Binder- is what holds particles of pigment together in paint tubes or on a palette.  Gum       Arabic is the binder for watercolor paints.

5. Blending- creating a smooth gradual transition between colors by using a soft brush.  It  also  means mixing two or more colors on your paper where original colors remain and the  combination of the blended colors is also visible.

6. Block Out- reserving the white watercolor  paper areas  and not allowing paint to mark the  paper

7. Cool colors- hues that predominately contain blue, including greens and violets.

8. Warm Colors - hues that predominately contain the hues ranging from yellow to orange to reds.

9. Hue- the name of a pure colors such as red, yellow and blue.

10. Flat wash- an area of evenly distributed color. "Flat" meaning the color remains the same hue, value or intensity, and textural quality.  NO BRUSH STROKES SHOWING.