Homework Hints
There has been a lot of discussion about homework. Parents often wonder "when should my child do their homework", "where should they complete it", and "how much help should be offered when completing it". Here are some helpful hints on homework.

Your child should do as much of their homework as possible. You should guide them when needed but you should never complete it for them. If an assignment appears to be very difficult for them please inform their teacher. Their teacher can then review this topic with them in class.

Homework is best completed in a quiet environment.  I  liked to complete my homework right after school, so that everything was still fresh in my mind.  However, when to complete can is something that varies from family to family and schedule to schedule.

Homework should be a time for your child to practice and reinforce the skills taught in school. It also gives the teacher a clearer idea about your child's understanding of a subject.

The school and your home are a team.  We all want what is best for your child. If there is a problem with the length of time needed to finish homework or with its content, please don't hesitate to contact their teacher or me.