Art Assignments Page
Most Recent projects will appear at top of the project list below. Scroll down to see past projects.

In addition to more involved projects posted to this page, we will be completing in class mini projects as well that will not be listed here and students will receive a grade for these as well.

Current project listed below. We will complete several mini classroom exercises each week as well and several of these will receive a grade. You can see those classroom projects and grades in Powerschool.

Students will also receive a weekly participation grade based on their classroom participation and conduct in class as well as small class projects which we finish in one class period.


Mexican Folk Art Inspired Design - Due Friday September 29th


Students will create a full page design inspired by the Mexican Folk Art we discussed and studied:

Students will:

Create a design with a central theme ( Birds, Animals, Sun, etc.)

Embellish design with layers of flat color and patterns similar to Mexican Folk art designs

Finished color work on design will be done with acrylics, watercolor, or colored permanent markers


Wayne Thiebaud inspired project - Due Friday Sept. 15

Dessert art

Students will complete a painting inspired by the dessert paintings of famous artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Students will:

  • Draw a large cake inspired by Wayne's work. we will draw the cake with oil pastel. I will work with them in class each day on the various steps
  • We will then use collage to glue paper to lower portion of table to create a "Tablecloth"
  • Students will use watercolor paint to paint the background with any design or colors they wish
  • For the final step we will use premixed acrylic paint applied with popsicle sticks to simulate the thick frosting like texture of Wayne's work
Grading rubric will be listed in assignment description in Powerschool.


Notan Classroom Project - Completed in Class

notan 2
We recently studied the concept of Notan sketches using only two values, black and white. The students completed several Notan sketches as part of their participation grade.


Van Gogh Classroom Project - To be completed in class

This was a fun project we completed in a few class periods creating a work inspired by Van Gogh's sunflower paintings but with the students adding their own spin on the piece



Zentangle Project - Due Friday August 18

zentangle 1Zentangle 2
Zentangle examples

Project Objective

• Create your own free form abstract zentangle design
• Design must fill the whole page
• Designs can be any arrangement of shapes, lines, and patterms that you would like
• Once the design is drawn, accent your design by darkening some of your line widths and creating contrast by darkening some areas with black
• Design will be created in black and white only and can be finished in ball point pen, black marker, or sharpie
• Use your imagination to create your design and have fun!