Kim Braxton

Kim Braxton
4th Grade

Methods of Communication
phone/text:  336-525-9494


Student Classroom Supplies
As we are midway through the school year, students have depleted some of the supplies they started the school year with.  Please check with your student regarding their supply needs.  They may need Twistables or colored pencils (their preference).  Also, some students are enjoying the use of mechanical pencils in class.  This is, however, up to parents as to whether they wish to supply their student with mechanical pencils.  Traditional pencils are available to all students as are pencil sharpeners and eraser caps.

January Character Traits:  Integrity & Confidence
The students are learning about integrity and confidence this month.  Each morning we start the day with Morning Meeting, a brief reminder of what integrity is, or what confidence is, and a discussion of how we can include these traits in our everyday lives.

School Illness
Given the level of illness at school now, including the stomach flu and other viruses, if your student is not feeling well, please keep them at home.  School policy requires that a student be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.  Students with a fever of 99.4 or greater may be sent home at the direction of the school nurse, Mrs. Coble.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Progress Reports - February 3
Progress Reports for the third 9 weeks will be sent out on February 3rd.  Please encourage your student to continue to do their best on each assignment, at school and at home, as every grade makes a difference.

Teacher Workday - February 17
There is no school for students on February 17th as that day is a Teacher Workday.

5th Grade Washington, DC Trip Registration Continues

The trip dates for the 5th grade Washington, DC, trip are April 24-26, 2024.  Flyers with more information have been sent home with students for those parents who were unable to attend the informational meeting. You may register now. Payment plans are available to make this very memorable trip more affordable.

"Sign and Return" on Student Assessments
To ensure that parents are seeing their student's grades on assessments, in 4th and 5th grade we ask parents to please sign and return all assessments (they will be stamped for your signature) in the student's green Friday folder when they return to school on Monday morning.  These will be returned to the student at the end of the 9 weeks. 
Thank you for your help with this!

Student Absences
When your student is absent from school, please send a note detailing the reason for their absence so that I may correctly mark attendance each day.