Some colleges require the ACT or SAT for admission. It is recommended that you look at the college website for specific requirements. The ACT and SAT are offered several times a year. The ACT is taken in the spring by all juniors. Most students take a test for the first time during the spring of their junior year and a second time during the fall of their senior year. Colleges will combine the best section scores from each test you took to create a total score.

The first level of preparation for the SAT/ACT begins in the classroom by focusing on improving your writing, vocabulary, and math skills. There are also several study guides available for purchase online and prep classes offered outside of River Mill Academy. It is recommended that students take practice tests and use tools provided by College Board for the SAT and the ACT website for the ACT to prepare for the exam.

How do the two tests compare? Content on the ACT is related to high school curricula and content on the SAT measures general verbal and quantitative skills. View a comparison of scores here. 

ACT Superscore Calculator

During the fall semester, all sophomores will take the PLAN, which is a practice test for the ACT. Additionally, during the spring semester, all juniors will take the ACT for free at River Mill Academy.

If students plan to take the SAT, they must register and pay for the exam. Please contact the school counselor for information on fee waivers. Students will have the option to sign up in May to take the PSAT every October. Please contact the school counselor for details.


Register for the SAT and view exam dates here. 

Register for the ACT here if you need to take it again in addition to the ACT administered at River Mill Academy. 

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