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Athletic Information & Forms

River Mill Academy students have the opportunity to participate on men’s and women’s athletic teams and cheerleading. Students participating in athletics are expected to maintain standards of conduct both on and off the athletic field. All students, regardless of age or grade, must maintain good grades in order to participate. Students who are involved in high school athletic teams or cheerleading must meet the standards of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) policies:
  1. A player must have been in attendance for at least 85% of the previous semester at an approved high school.
  2. A student must have passed a minimum of 75% of his/her classes from the previous semester. (This applies to our middle school athletes, also.)
  3. The student must take a minimum academic load each semester (must be credited courses).
  4. The student must meet local promotional standards and any local GPA requirement.
  5. The student must not turn 19 years of age on or before August 31 of the current year.
  6. The student cannot exceed four separate seasons in the same sport. 

Additional NCHSAA policies are found in the NCHSAA handbook which is located in the Athletic Director’s office.  Detailed information can also be found on the NCHSAA website (www.nchsaa.org). We encourage student athletes and their parent/guardian to visit this site and become familiar with the regulations. 

Additional policies for Middle and High School students:
  1. A student must be in school at least 50% of the school day in order to be eligible to participate in an activity scheduled for that day. A school sponsored field trip does not affect participation status.
  2. Students may not practice or participate in athletic events while suspended.
  3. Student athletes receiving a grade below 70 will be required to attend tutoring by the teacher, as needed. The student may not participate in practice or athletic events for one week or until the grade is 70 or above. A grade report from the teacher must be emailed to the Athletics Director or his/her designee. The information is then given to the coach, by the Athletic Director, before the student athlete can return to practice and/or athletic event.
  4. The sportsmanship policy will be enforced. This policy can be found in the handbook and on the school website.
  5. Attendance is mandatory at the fall, winter, and spring sports meeting for any sport falling within the specific season. The meeting will be announced on the website in addition to announcements at school.
  6. The Penalty for Non-Payment of Fees Policy will be enforced. This policy can be found on the RMA website.

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Volunteer Coach Application

  The following forms must be completed and returned to Athletic Director prior to trying out for a sport.