Application Guidelines

Selection Criteria

We are looking for prospective scholars who:

  • are ninth graders
  • reside in Alamance County 
  • have limited financial resources and/or no family history of 4-year college attendance
  • demonstrate academic promise
  • show no pattern of disciplinary problems
  • are willing to commit to program expectations

Between 22 and 26 scholars are selected each year to attend the Elon Academy.

Admission Process

  • September

- All ABSS ninth graders receive a letter about the Elon Academy

  • October/November/December
- Information sessions are held at each high school
  • February
- Applications are due Friday, January 31, 2014
- Entregar el viernes, 31 de enero a la oficina de la academia de Elon
  • March/April
- Potential students are interviewed (all students will receive a letter notifying them if they will move on to the interview portion)
  • April

- Students are notified