Middle School Electives

 Middle school students attend two electives each semester. All students (6-8) will take Health/Physical Education for one semester. 

Elective Descriptions:

Art: Students will do a variety of projects to learn different art techniques and skills.

Band: Students will learn to read music and play an instrument. (This is a yearlong course and counts as 2 electives). 

Chorus: Students will learn to read music and practice vocal techniques.

Battle of the Books: Students will read books to prepare for a comprehension competition in the spring. (This elective is only offered in the fall, but students will be encouraged to continue practicing with the B.O.B. team in the spring through club participation).  

Books to Film: Students will compare and contrast the “movie” and “book” version of a story. They will analyze and discuss the connections between how a story is presented in written format vs. movie format. 

Computer Skills: Students will learn basic computer science principles such as how to navigate a computer, type, and use various computer applications.

Creative Writing: Students will discover how imagery, character development, dialogue, and other strategies can help improve their writing skill and imagination.

Horticulture: Students will learn about native fruits and vegetables, plant growth, and the five main branches of horticulture. 

Journalism: Students will become reporters while learning how different media sources spread information throughout our world.

Life Skills: Students will learn important and practical life skills through various activities such as sewing/crafting, public speaking, career exploration, budgeting, and time management. 

Oceanography: Students will learn about marine life. 

Spanish: Students will learn Spanish through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. 

STEM: Students will learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts through hands on activities.  

Theater Arts: Students willdeveloptheir public speaking skills and increase self-confidence through dialogue, pantomime, improvisation, speech, diction, and role play. They will also learn about the basic concepts of technical theatre including stagecraft, lighting, and sound.  

*Math Challenge/Reading Challenge – These classes provide additional academic support in the specified content area. Students are placed in these classes based on teacher or administrator recommendation.  

MTSS and Curriculum Assistance classes are also assigned by administration.