Middle School

  Please check your Microsoft Team and click on the "daily post" channel.  That is where I will post all of the handouts, calendar, videos, and homework for the day.  If you lose a handout or forgot to bring your Spanish folder home, no worries, just click on the "files" from the daily post channel and a digital copy will appear!

  Please note that I expect daily practice/homework every weekday for 10 min.  THIS IS NOT ALWAYS WRITTEN HOMEWORK TO TURN IN, BUT IT CAN BE.  Many times homework will be practicing Spanish pronunciation orally or watching a video and practicing for 10 min..  Homework that is written and is turned in for a grade will appear in RED ON THE CALENDAR.

In class each student will receive a calendar (paper copy) with all daily topics, homework, practice, quizzes, tests, homework etc.  If you lose your calendar, it is available digitally from the "files" tab under the "daily Post" channel in our Team.   

If a student is absent:  Please check the "daily post" channel of our Microsoft Team.  I will post what we did in class as well as a reminder about homework, quizzes, tests, etc.  You can also check your paper copy calendar under the "files" tab where you will also find access to any videos or handouts I used in class.