Art III & IV

High School Art 3/4

River Mill Academy
Visual Arts III & IV
Justin Holdren

Visual Arts III & IV

Art III & IV build on skills developed in Art I and Art II with a more in-depth approach to the study of art processes, techniques, aesthetic issues, art criticism, and art history. Attention to art careers, formation of goals, and development of work habits of professionals will be the goal of class participants. Art III & IV students will continue to assemble a personal portfolio based on technical quality, personal style, direction, and intended purpose. Seniors in Art III & IV will prepare and display their portfolio show in the Spring Arts Celebration of their Senior year as part of the course requirements. All work will be displayed as a professional show.

Students will be responsible for purchasing all supplies and materials necessary to complete their projects. Supplies and materials will vary dependent upon type of project student researches and proposes to complete in class.

Each student should have the following for class each day:
#2 graphite pencils (no mechanical pencils allowed for drawing)
White or gum Art eraser
Colored pencils (Crayola, Prang, or Prisma color brands only)
Sharpie or Foray set of permanent pens
2 black permanent Sharpie pens
1 black ink ball point pen
1 Prang or Crayola Watercolor set ( 8 color set please)
Art bag for storage (large fabric or heavy plastic with zipper closure)
Folder for notes and handouts storage

All art students in all art classes will be responsible for purchasing their Acrylic paints and canvases for advanced painting projects.

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