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Academic Review Committee

This committee helps to determine programs that may be useful in supplementing classroom education.

Michelle Quinlivan-Smith


Building Expansion/School Security Committee

This committee helps oversee the building of the new cafeteria and gym as well as recommended safety guidelines to be enacted once construction is complete.

Jim Penrod

 spring 2023

Election Committee

Help run the annual election for all open officers across PTT, Boosters, and the Board of Directors.

Jill Davis


 Extra-Curricular/Afterschool Committee

 This committee helps to establish electives and extra-curricular groups as well as help with the afterschool contract process.

Mary Faucette
 ongoing Lunch Committee This committee works with school personnel and catering companies on the hot lunch program offered at RMA.  Mike Wilson


Policies & Procedures Committee 

This committee helps to write the policies found in both the student and faculty handbooks.

Jill Davis

ongoing   PTT Committee  This committee works to reestablish the Parents-Teachers-Together organization. Michelle Quinlivan-Smith 


Technology Committee 

 This committee helps implement strategies that address both the hardware and software needs of the school.

Kenny Risen