A Look At Our Learning

Students are learning about:
(See the * for most current skill being taught)


Ask and Answer questions before, during, and after we read a variety of fiction texts
Determine Main Idea and supporting details within a text
Interpret the Theme (Life Lesson/Moral)of a text
Compare and Contrast Story Elements of you different texts
Determine the mood/tone of an illustration and text
Refer to the caption for support with an image
*Determine the meaning of words by using context clues


*Understand equal groups as Multiplication

*Review Arrays and how to repeat add to get a quick answer

*Relate Multiplication to Division as an inverse operation
Interpret the meaning of factors, product, and quotient
Master multiplication facts 1-4
Use Commutative and Distributive Property to solve Multiplication Equations 
Read an analog clock and scale and round to the nearest 10
Round 2 and 3 digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
Round addends to get Estimated Sums and Differences
*Master ALL multiplication facts 0-12
Solve the value of an unknown variable
*Review Associative, Distributive, and Commutative Properties to solve Multiplication Equations


*Flip the question to write complete sentence answers
*Focus on handwriting
*December Prompt Choice Board
*Word of the Day (Vocab) sentences

Social Studies:
 where we are on the map

Compare Local and State Government
Understand the different roles of the 3 Branches of Government
*Understand Native American culture. Past vs present
*Compare and contrast the Native American Tribes


Explain the order of the planets in our universe
Label bones in the skeletal system
Understand the major functions of the skeletal system and muscular system
*Describe the components of the human body (bones, joints, muscles, organs, skin)