Spanish I

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North Carolina Spanish I

In North Carolina Spanish 1, students will be introduced to several common situations in which people communicate, such as exchanging names and greetings, describing people by physical and personality traits, and describing family members and aspects of social life. They will also describe various seasons and the associated weather conditions, food, clothes, and activities. Students will discuss food, health and well-being. Students will start with basic sentence structures and grammatical tools, and they will learn to communicate by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish as they learn new vocabulary and grammar. They will also learn about some regions of the Spanish-speaking world. They will build on this semester's work as they advance in their Spanish studies: everything that they learn about a language and the cultures in which it is spoken will serve as a foundation for further learning.

River Mill Academy Spanish I
Chapter O: En la escuela, en la clase.

     Para Empezar

     Vocabulario: Greetings at different times of the day      Proyecto: Los colores      Vocabulario: Numbers and Telling time      Gramática: ABC, vowels and sounds      Vocabulario: Body Parts

Chapter 1: Mis amigos y Yo

     ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

     Vocabulario: Activities people like and don't like to do.

     Gramática: Infinitives. Negatives. 

     Proyecto: A mí me gusta mucho...

      Y tú ¿Cómo eres?

     Vocabulario:Personality traits.

     Gramática: Adjectives. Articles. 

     Proyecto: Amigo por correspondencia