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Cross Country

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River Mill Academy high school is a member of the Central Tar Heel Conference and is governed by all of the rules and regulations of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). Other schools which make up the Central Tar Heel Conference are Chatham Central, Chatham Charter, Raleigh Charter, Research Triangle, and Woods Charter. 

Our middle school athletic teams compete in the Mid State Middle School Conference which includes the following schools:  Chatham Charter, Kestrel Heights, and Woods Charter. We also compete with other charter and private schools in Alamance, Durham, and Guilford counties.

Cross Country Teams:
Fall - Middle School Girls Cross Country
Fall - Middle School Boys Cross Country
Fall - Varsity Women's Cross Country
Fall - Varsity Men's Cross Country

Girl's Cross Country School Records

 Varsity (3.1 miles)

Jenna Janicki (2013) 


 Junior High (3.1 miles)

 Kiarra Balom (2009)


 Junior High (2.3 miles)

 Jada Alvarado (2003)


Boy's Cross Country School Records

Varsity (3.1 miles)

Zach Crawford (2007) 


 Middle School (3.1 miles)

 Nathan Carlson (2009)


 Middle School (2.3 miles)

 Thomas Bentley (2003)


 Middle School (2.1 miles)

 Jackson Briggs (2012)