This Week
Spelling: Spelling and Vocabulary words - pretest Thursday; test, Friday
Write words 3 times each Monday night.  Write words 2 times each pyramid-style Tuesday night.  Write 10 words in sentences on Wednesday.  Pre-test - Thursday 
Test - Friday

Word Problems
clue - a fact or idea that helps solve a problem or puzzle
equation - in math, a statement that shows that two expressions are equal
identify - to recognize or indicate who or what someone or something is
information - facts or knowledge about something
operation - a process in which a number is chances, such as by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing
signal - acting as a sign, message, or thing that gives information
situation - the circumstances at a given moment
strategy - a carefully formed plan or method to achieve a goal
word problem - a math exercise presented as a situation using words

bonus word:  rectilinear - characterized by straight lines

atmosphere - the gases that surround the Earth or another planet
condensation - the act or process of changing from a gas or vapor to a liquid
evaporate - to turn from a liquid into a gas
hydrosphere - all the water on and above the Earth's surface, including bodies of water and water in the atmosphere
lithosphere - the layer of rock that  makes up the outer part of the Earth, including the crust and upper mantle
mesosphere - the layer of the Earth's atmosphere between the stratosphere and thermosphere.  It's about 30 to 50 miles above the surface of the Earth.
precipitation - water that flows from the sky to the ground as rain, snow, sleet or hail.
stratosphere - the layer of the Earth's atmosphere just above the troposphere which contains the ozone layer
thermosphere - the outermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere, in which temperature increases with height
troposphere - the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere, where most cloud formations and weather occur

Reading Review of all 4th grade reading standards, especially 
NC 4 RI 4.8 - explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text.
Test - Friday 4/19

Math: Review of all 4th grade math standards, especially NC 4 MD 3 through MD 8 this week.   
NC 4 MD 6 - Develop an understanding of angles and angle measurement. • Understand angles as geometric shapes that are formed wherever two rays share a common endpoint and are measured in degrees. • Measure and sketch angles in whole-number degrees using a protractor. • Solve addition and subtraction problems to find unknown angles on a diagram in real-world and mathematical problems. 
Schoolnet Test - Friday, 4/19

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