2nd Grade Expectations

Homework Folder

I will send homework folders home each day and the students will turn them in each morning. Please check this folder as it will have important papers that are sent home, notes from me if any, and contain their homework.  We will slowly transition into doing homework, but I will send an email when we begin homework which will be a few weeks into the school year. Students will have a reading passage due weekly, but math homework will be completed nightly. I expect students to read at least 20 minutes each night. They will record their minutes read on a reading log that will be turned in at the end of each month.


Grading Policy and Late Policy

A - Superior



B – Above Avg.




C – Average




D – Below Avg.




F – Failure

59 or below



River Mill has a late work policy for students. Students will receive a 10-point deduction per day for three days. Assignments will no longer be accepted, and students will receive a zero on day 4. Students who are absent will be given time to complete the missing work.

Classroom Management

In 2nd grade, we will be using class money for classroom management. Students will earn money throughout the day for positive behaviors. Students can lose money for negative behavior such as not listening, not following directions, off task, or talking when they shouldn’t be. If there are any consistent behavior problems, I will reach out to parents to discuss the issue, so that we can work together to get the student back on track.  


We will hold a class store in December and May so students can spend their classroom money that they have worked hard to earn. I will send more information about this when it gets close to time for the store to ask for donations! We will have a “savings goal” to hit after the 1st nine weeks and 3rd nine weeks; students who hit our set goal will participate in our chosen reward. I will also do “surprise” rewards for students showing positive behaviors.