Caroleena Smith
Happy Thursday!  
I hope that everyone is having a great week!  Here is what is scheduled for next week:
Here's what's happening next week 10/3-10/7:

Theme: Apples 🍎
Literacy Skill: S-blend s/ Verbs
Sight Words: call, from, which, very 
Math: Module 1 Lessons 35-38...the end of module test will be on Tuesday Oct. 11th.

-Next Thursday we are planning to have an apple tasting party to try the different types of apples/items made from apples. If you would like to bring in a pre-packaged or store-bought item, feel free to do so. (Examples of some items: apple muffins, apple crisps/chips, apple cookies, applesauce, etc.)

-The field trip is on Friday, October 7th. Remember, parents must meet us at Millstone Creek Orchards and all students must ride the bus to the field trip. You are free to sign out your child after the field trip.  

If your child has any unpaid balances for the school, they will not be allowed to attend the field trip. So please make sure to take care of any upaid balances (ie; lunch, after school/before school, library books, PE fees). 

-Teacher workday October 14th (no school for students)
Media days are on Mondays, but if your child has an overdue library book, please get it in ASAP. 
Our snack bucket has gotten alot of use and we could use some extra snacks. We are doing okay on water bottles.  
We have finished tracking Hurricane Fiona and while we are keeping up with Hurricane Ian, we are not graphing him.  The kids have really done a great job tracking them and practicing being prepared for severe weather.  If they start making you practice a tornado drill at home, I will apologize in advance!  We do them randomly during the day and the kids enjoy the "game" we've made of it to keep their "boo-hinies" down, necks covered and see who's the quietest. I'd rather be over-prepared and not need the knowledge than under-prepared.
Please make sure you are signed up for a conference!  
Stay safe, dry and enjoy your long weekend!
Ms. Moore