Art Assignments Page

Most Recent projects will appear at top of the project list below. Scroll down to see past projects.

In addition to more involved projects posted to this page, we will be completing in class mini projects as well that will not be listed here and students will receive a grade for these as well.

Current project listed below. We will complete several mini classroom exercises each week as well and several of these will receive a grade. You can see those classroom projects and grades in Powerschool.


Air Dry Clay Project - Due Wednesday, May 8th

We will complete a sculpture using air dry clay. We will go over the sculpting and finishing techniques in class.

Once completely dry, sculptures must be finished in acrylic paint.


Manga Style drawing mini project April 18-19

We will complete a portrait drawing in the "manga" style made popular in Japanese animation. Instrauctions will be provided in class.



Process exercises and mini projects April 2-12

We will complete several art process exercises and mini projects that will be part of your daily participation grade.


Grafitti Art Project - Due Monday March 25th


We will create a graffiti themed piece of lettering art using your name. We will study the history of this type of art and learn how to use color and composition to make your lettering stand out against the background.
Instructions will be provided in class as we work on this project together


Pop Art Project - Due Monday March 18th


Students will complete a Pop art image using the same drawing with multiple color combos.


You will divide your paper into 4 squares
You will select a subject and replicate it in each of the 4 squares.
You will then finish each square with a separate color palette similar to Andy Warhol's screenprints.
Color may be done in oil pastel, watercolor, or acrylic paint.


Picasso Collaborative Portrait for Art show
March 11-12

We will complete a large Picasso portrait for our art show at the end of March
Each student will complete a tile based on the instructions and color guide I gave you.



Classroom Mini Projects - March 2 - 8

We will complete several classroom exercises to experiment with mixed media that will be part of your participation grade


Papier Mache Project for Art Show
Due Friday Mar. 1st


Students will complete a papier mâché donut to be displayed on the sculpture table at the School Art Show.

We will work on each step together in class, from building the armature and papier mâché process, to finishing with acrylic paint and decorations.


Wayne Thiebaud inspired still life painting due Monday Feb. 19


Students will complete a ice cream sundae painting from the reference provided by the teacher that mimics the work of Wayne Thiebaud.

Work must be finished in color using thick paint and thin paint applications
Paintings will be finished in acrylic
Work must show a good effort - DO NOT RUSH, take your time

Grading Rubric will be listed in Powerschool


Notre Dame at Night Mixed Media Project - Due Friday Feb 2


Students will create a Mixed media painting of Notre Dame Cathedral Using the provided drawing guide.

Project instructions:

1. Use wet on wet blending to add multiple bright colors of watercolor to the watercolor paper and allow the colors to bleed
2. Use bright colors that simulate the lights that light up the cathedral in the provided reference photo
3. Once background is dry, draw the cathedral in pen over the finished painted paper.
4. After drawing is done, We will paint white splatter dots on black paper to simulate night skies
5. Final step will be to cut out brightly lit cathedral and glue mount to black paper


Printmaking classroom work

We will be doing several printmaking projects that we will finsih in one class period and these will be part participation grade.


Zentangle Design Project - Due 1/12/23

design 1

Students will complete a free form "zentangle" design as we discussed in class.
Project requirements:

Design must have multiple layers of line work and designs
Line widths must not all be the same, vary the thickness of your lines
Design must be finished in ink or marker
Required design will only be black and white, color is optional but allowed
Designs can be free form, but you can also fill an object drawing with zentangle designs
Design must fill the entire page