Middle School Art 6,7,& 8

Middle School Art 6-8

Middle School (6th through 8th grades)
Mr. Holdren

Please purchase only the following supplies for your student's art bag this school year. The following items are basic supplies they will need in Art class each meeting. You will not need to purchase art supplies if your child does not have art on their class schedule as an elective.
If there is a special project requiring "extras or special materials" I will send home a note asking for those items.

1 box-----Crayola Basics markers (8 or 12 colors)
Regular Size. No fine points please.
1 box------Crayola or Prang colored pencils (12 or more colors)
1 box------Crayola or Prang watercolors (8 color semi
moist cakes)
2 tubes---------Elmer's Glue Sticks
5 #2 pencils (sharpened please, at least 10 pencils)
1 large--------rubber eraser
1 pack--------Sharpie permanent markers fine point (5 to 8 colors)
3 black-------Permanent sharpie markers
  1 large (gallon)-------fabric art bag with zipper closures or a heavy duty plastic bag
1 paper or plastic folder with pockets to keep art work and notes in from class.

Mr. Holdren

Phone contact for J. Holdren 336 229-0909 ext.7543
Please note all email for the Art classes will now be [email protected]