Virginia Moore

-Students need to make sure that they have a lunch, either ordered through hot lunch or a bagged lunch from home.  If you want your student to have milk with their lunch (besides friends who get hot lunch), you need to send me a message to let me know because the milk orders do not show up on the list we are given and milk can be paid for through the school lunch account.

-In the water bottles we keep in the classroom to drink during the day, please make sure you do not send anything that is carbonated. 

-Please follow school guidelines regarding illnesses.  I must receive a written note when your student is absent for any reason.

-Winter is upon us.  Please make sure your student comes to school prepared to go outside for recess. If they do not come with a coat and the weather is cold, they will not be allowed to go outside. 

-CRAYONS AND COLORED PENCILS.  We are in need of individual packs of both crayons and colored pencils.  My goal is for everyone to have their own pack of both of these to reduce the arguing that has been going on.  Please do not send in colored pens or markers for your child to use in the classroom(these are reserved for the Art Room).

Our Amazon wish list link is below.  I will update it periodically.  Thank you all for everything you do!

[email protected]

Contact information:


Class Dojo and email will be our main method of communication, but you can also contact me via email at [email protected] or telephone at 336-229-0909.


Items on wish list are not necessarily specific just to Amazon.  If you can find them some place else at a better price or something similar, that would be greatly appreciated!  Any type of classroom snacks would be wonderful to keep in the room for days that someone may forget a snack.