Supply List

Fourth Grade Supply List 2022-2023

ALL students are required to have mastered their multiplication facts (0-12) by August 10, 2022.

1 ruler

2 packages of Glue sticks

1 package of Highlighters

1 package of pencil top erasers

1 package of EXPO fine tip dry-erase markers

1 package of EXPO chisel tip dry-erase markers

1 package of Red pens for checking 

1 Zippered Pencil Pouch

4 packages of filler notebook paper

24 sharpened #2 pencils (NOT mechanical)

6 composition notebooks (NOT spiral notebooks)

1 Package of Crayola® Twistables colored pencils (8-count or larger) 

1 Mead® red plastic folder with pockets (Class work folder)

1 Mead® green plastic folder with pockets (Friday folder)

1 Mead® yellow plastic folder with pockets (Small Group folder)

1 Pair Fiskars® scissors for the classroom

Fourth Grade Wish List 2022-2023


Reams of white copy paper

Boxes of facial tissues

Hand Sanitizer

Rolls of paper towels

Container of Clorox® wipes

Packages of Colored Copy paper

Packages of Colored Card stock

Art Supplies for Fourth Grade 2022-2023

Please write your child’s name on each item for their art bag.

1 Box of Prang® or Crayola® 8 color watercolors

1 Box of Crayola ® Basics Washable markers (8 or 12 colors) Regular Size – no fine points or scented markers please

2 Elmer’s ® glue sticks

6 #2 pencils, sharpened

1 Large rubber eraser

1 Large (gallon-size) zippered fabric or heavy-duty plastic bag to store all art supplies.

Please do not buy the plastic boxes because they do not hold up to the wear and tear.

Fifth Grade Supply List

1 Zippered pencil pouch (not a pencil box)

2 Packages of 100 index cards (3x5 inch size)

1 2-inch Heavy Duty 3-ring binder

5 Dividers with pockets for the binder

2 Packages of wide-ruled filler paper

24 Sharpened pencils

1 Package of 8-12 Twistables® colored pencils (not crayons)

1 Package of pencil top erasers

1 Mead® GREEN plastic folder with pockets (Friday Folder)

1 Mead® BLUE plastic folder with pockets (Specials Folder)

1 Mead® RED plastic folder with pockets (Daily Work Folder)

1 Mead® YELLOW plastic folder with pockets (Group Folder)

1 Package of red pens for checking homework

1 Package of highlighters


Pair of scissors

Glue sticks

Package of Expo® fine dry erase markers

Package of Expo® chisel dry erase markers

1 Ream (500 sheets) of copy paper

2 Boxes of facial tissues (Girls-August) (Boys-December)

1 Roll of paper towels (Boys-August) (Girls-December)

BOYS – box of snack size Ziploc® bags

GIRLS – box of gallon size Ziploc® bags

*Recorder for Music Class (available at music stores or on Amazon)