Brandi Stanley

Welcome to Mrs. Stanley's Second Grade Classroom! 

Happy March!

Welcome parents of Stanley's Third Grade Superheroes!! 

I am so excited to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year!  

Good morning parents/guardians! 
I hope you all are having a great rainy morning! 
This week has been jam packed! We started diving into equivalent fractions this week. We are working through past EOG questions each day to help prepare for the End of Grade Test. 
Some upcoming dates are listed below:
Book Fair- The spring Book Fair dates are March 29- April 7. 

Spring Break- April 7- April 14. 

We will take a PE Putt Putt Field Trip the week after Spring Break. The date will be 4/18. 
Field day- Third grade Field day will be held on 5/5 - I will send out more information as soon as I know the times! 
Parent teacher conferences will be held March 16th and March 17th - these days will be half days for students. If you wish to have a conference, we can do in person or virtual -whichever works better for you! If you wish to have a conference, you may sign up using the link below. Please indicate in the comment if you would like in person or virtual. Thank you! 

***I would like to start something called "Mystery Reader" in the classroom. Starting next week, every Friday (next week will be Thursday due to the teacher workday on Friday). You, a family member or friend, will be able sign up to be our mystery reader in our classroom! You can either come in person, or you can read over Microsoft Teams to the class. You are welcome to bring a book from home or choose one of the books in the classroom! THIS IS A SECRET to the students, so if you sign up please do not tell your student!! You will give me three clues that I will tell the class to see if your student can guess who the mystery reader is for that day! This is completely optional, but I thought it might be something fun to start incorporating on Friday afternoons🙂 

Here is the link for our Mystery Reader time slots!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Next week in CAFE we will be reviewing Asking and Answering Questions (RI.3.1 )

Next week in math we will continue to practice Fractions.

Next week in social studies we will finish up our African American Research Project. In science we will introduce learning how plants survive in their environments. (3.L.2)

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend! 
A reminder- the baggy book comprehension question is a part of your child's homework. I know evenings can be busy with extracurricular activities, but please try to set aside 20 minutes for your child to read to you and answer their comprehension questions, this will help them become better readers. 


The students are very engaged in the multiplication math masters- please have them continue to practice their facts at home- we are going all the way up to 12! 

You may have noticed your child has a check beside the first reading standard. this means they have passed off their portfolio passages for that standard!  This check list has all of the reading standards- once your child passes a standard on their reading portfolio passage-your child will receive a check mark on their sheet in their folder beside the standard they passed off on- as we talked about in conferences. This sheet is a way for parents to keep up with their child's achievements. This will continue all school year so please do not remove the standards check list!  Remember- passing off on all standards by the end of the year is one way for your child to show reading proficiency in third grade 🙂 
*Homework was sent home today and will be due Friday. We will send homework home every Monday and it will always be due the Friday morning of the same week! Please make sure your child completes each homework assignment each week as they are for a grade and align with the standard we are currently learning or have just learned in class! 
*I have also updated all grades in PowerSchool. If you are having trouble accessing PowerSchool, please let me know so I can get that figured out for you, as all grades will be updated and entered into PowerSchool for the remainder of the school year. It is very important that you have access to PowerSchool and check in on your child's grades often.
*We will continue to use Class Dojo as our behavior system this year. It is very important for you as the parent to connect to our class and to actively check your child’s points.


1st consequence- Verbal Warning (whole class or individual warning)


2nd consequence- Student will get a dojo point taken away.


3rd consequence- If a student loses 3 or more dojo points in one day they will write in the behavior book, describing the rule that was broken.


4th consequence- If a student continues to break the rules, he or she will be referred to the office and parents will be notified.


Students can earn their dojo points back by making good behavior choices during the day.



Each Friday students will bring home their dojo points for that week in their Friday folder, the parent is responsible for signing and returning this.


*There will also be a behavior binder, with behavior contracts inside. If for some reason a student loses three or more Dojo points in one day, they will sign a behavior contract, and we will talk about the choices that were made that day. The contract will be sent home for the parent to discuss making better choices with their child, sign it and return it the next day.


*If the case arises where your child is consistently breaking classroom and school rules, I will contact you to discuss it further.  My goal is to build a positive behavior system that motivates students to make smart choicesI believe students learn better when there is consistent structure in the classroom, and that begins with their behavior!

*I also wanted to thank everyone who purchased items from our classroom Wishlist! I have not had a chance to write thank you cards yet to everyone, but Mrs. Ubarri has shown me everything that has been brought in and we appreciate it more than you know! Thank you thank you thank you for supporting our classroom! 

 *I speak with Mrs. Ubarri each week to discuss what is going on in the classroom. She is doing an excellent job! Please let your child know I miss them very much and I will be back very soon! 




** I have also attached our classroom Wish List- it is through Amazon! If you wish to contribute to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 

                                                      Classroom Wishlist

If you wish to donate supplies to the classroom below is our classroom wish list!

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