Middle School

  * Please see Middle School Calendar Tab for updated daily information.

Dear Students and Parents,

Want to know what we did in Spanish class?  Here's where to find out:

Middle School Spanish Class  

Please check the Middle School Spanish Calendar Tab Every Day! That is where I will post all of the class announcements, class notes, handouts, calendar, videos, and homework for the day as well as announcing it "in person" during Spanish class. 

*We will NOT be using Microsoft Teams for virtual learning or to turn in assignments.  All homework, test, quizzes, etc. will be "on paper" and written neatly in pencil with proper handwriting, spelling, and punctuation.  I will post class notes, powerpoint slides, homework assignments, worksheets, video links, and any other needed class files daily on the Middle School Calendar Tab.

   * Please note that I expect daily practice/homework every weekday for 10 min.  THIS IS NOT ALWAYS WRITTEN HOMEWORK TO TURN IN, BUT IT CAN BE.  Many of the Spanish homework assignments will be "practicing" Spanish pronunciation orally or watching a video and practicing for 10 min. In the case of an oral practice homework assignment, students are expected to practice for 10 min. but will not be turning in any "written" work.  Homework that is written and is turned in for a grade will be in the form of a handout on paper given in class and the due date will appear in On THE MIDDLE SCHOOL CALENDAR TAB AS "HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK GRADE".

*Absent from class?  Be sure to check the Middle School Calendar Tab to find out what you missed.

 I will post what we did in class as well as any class announcements, class notes, handouts, homework worksheets etc. Students can access any handouts ,videos, or homework sheets presented in class on the day of the absence by clicking the correct date on the MS Spanish Calendar. Students who miss a written quiz or test must make arrangements with me for making these up after school.  Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in a grade of "0"as per the school's make up work policy in the school handbook.

Want extra practice?  Go to www.senorashby.com.  Be sure to see Mrs. H for the password so you can browse the sight, watch videos, sing songs, and practice the interactive games on your own.