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What we are learning - week of 4-4-22

CAFE: We are working in small groups to review each of the standards we have learned this year. Right now in my guided reading group our books are focusing on main idea and asking/answering questions as we read.  On Friday's we will do stamina packets which are comprised of reading passages with questions. Each week we will increase the amount of questions or add one more passage to the packet.  These are to get students used to reading multiple passage and answering questions plus working on being able to work for an hour at a time before we break.

This week we are learning about perimeter. This is our last unit in math!

Social Studies: Will return after progress reports.

Science: We are learning about plants.


Spelling: EOG power words

Graded assignments for the week:




Stamina packet

Notes from Miss Maness:
Keep working on those multiplication facts!