Book Fair

The book fair will be open at school from March 22nd-28th!! 

Visit our Book Fair Homepage to view our schedule. Get book details and recommendations, watch video book trailers, shop online, or create an e-wallet for secure shopping at the fair.

 Book Fair Site



Create an "E-Wallet" to allow your child to shop at the book fair without sending cash or checks to school!  This is a great digital payment option!  Create an eWallet account for your child, and set a spending limit.  Students can shop at the fair and use eWallet to pay for their purchase.

  • When you create an eWallet, the amount you select as your student's spending limit will appear as a temporary hold (or pending charge) on your credit card and will be reflected in your available balance. You will only be charged for what is purchased, and after the book fair ends, the hold will expire and the funds will be released back to your credit card.
  • Additional funds can be added to the eWallet at any time. You can also cancel funds. Track spending and see all activity in your order history through your MyScholastic account.
  • Student eWallets are looked up at the book fair using the student's name, grade, or teacher; eWallets do not have to be printed or presented to a cashier.
  • You must create an eWallet for each student; accounts cannot be shared or transferred.
  • If any items purchased during the fair are returned, the amount will be credited back to your card. Processing times may vary. Contact your credit card company for specific information regarding your account.