High School Art Class Projects

Most Recent projects will appear below. Scroll down to see past projects. Students will also receive a weekly participation grade for class participation and conduct.

In addition to more involved projects posted to this page, we will be completing in class mini projects as well that will not be listed here, and students will receive a grade for these as well. You will see those smaller projects and assignments listed in Powerschool. 


Guided Acrylic Still Life Painting - Due Friday April 19th


Students will complete an acrylic still life painting. The goal of this project is to have you concentrate on color mixing the tones that you see in the reference. For that reason, I will provide you a sketch to transfer to your paper so you can focus on the color mixing in the painting.
Finished paintings will be done in full color with acrylic on heavyweight paper.

Grading Rubric will be listed in Powerschool project description


 Process exercises and mini projects

We will be doing some small mini projects daily from April 2-12. These will be part of your daily participation grade.

Visual Art Journal Project - Due Thursday March 28th


Students will complete an art journal containing 4 pieces. The 4 subject categories will be:
Art History

Students will create a piece of art in a "sketchbook" style for each category and then assemble the pieces as a book. We will discuss each topic in class and I will show examples of each type of art done in a journal type of sketching style.
We will work on each section in class together.
Pieces must be finished in color and pieces and incorporate any type of mixed media.
I will show you how to assemble the books in class.


Travel Sketchbook Mini Project - Due March 13th


Students will complete a travel themed sketch journal based on instructions given in class.

Recap of instructions:
Select a city or region to travel to via a "Virtual Trip". 
Select references from that city and use Google Street View to "walk" through the city or region
Complete sketches on each page of the books we made of images you see during your virtual trip.
Items can include landmarks, buildings, food, transportation you used, train tickets, receipts, etc. 
You can combine text with the drawings. Be creative!


Pop Art Mini Project
Due March 7

pop 1

Students will complete a mini pop art painting inspired by Andy Warhol's portraits. We will work on it together in class.
Full instructions and demo will be given in class.


Classroom Mixed Media Mini projects
Feb 26-29

We will be working on multiple mini projects in class as we work through mixed media techniques


Acrylic Transfer Mixed Media Mini Project
Due Feb 22 

Students will complete a mixed media photo transfer mini project in class


Students will complete a photo transfer project in class.
 Full instructions will be shown in video demonstration

Grading Rubric will be listed on assignment in powerschool


Wayne Thiebaud inspired still life Project Due Monday Feb 19


Students will complete an acrylic still life on paper with subject matter inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud.

Instructions for project:

Select a "Wayne Thiebaud" inspired photo to work from. Must be a dessert or sweet themed food.

  • Photo must have strong contrast with strong shadow shapes
  • Photo must be approved by teacher
  • Painting will be finished in acrylic using thick passages of paint
  • Painting must have a variety of thick and thin applications of paint
  • Painting must have strong shadow shapes


Mixed media, line and wash project "People, Places, and Things"  - Due Friday Feb 2

Students will complete a mixed media piece using the techniques we discussed in class. You may choose your own photo reference to work from, but it must be approved by the teacher first. Reference has to be a person, place, or thing. Think landscapes, objects, still life, animals, etc. Piece must be representational, not an abstract design or graphic. NO TRACING the line drawing.

Grading rubric will be listed in powerschool project description.

Project parameters:

  • Project drawing may be done in pencil but has to be finished in pen and ink. 
  • Color will be added in washes of watercolor over the ink drawing
  • Use the pen to add some form and shading the give the appearance of a "colored drawing" more than a painting
  • Once watercolor washes have been added, you may embellish the piece with oil pastel if you wish
  • Composition must fill the whole page, object cannot be placed in center of paper with no background


    Printmaking mini projects

    We will be doing several printmaking exercises from 1/12 - 1/19 and at least one of these will receive a grade. The other ones we work on together will be part of your participation grade.


Zentangle Design Project - Due Friday Jan. 12

zentangle 4

Students will complete a zentangle design of their choosing. Design can be complete free form zentangle or you may get an image approved by the teacher and "fill" that image with your zentangle designs.

Design must have :

Varying line weights and thicknesses
A large amount of contrast (Light against dark)
Design must be finished in ink or permanent marker
Design can be just black and white, but color can be added if you wish using marker, sharpie, or watercolor

Grading Rubric will be listed in the assignment description in Powerschool

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