8th Grade ELA Agenda
Activities from Class

**Anything not finished in class needs to be completed for homework and turned in at the beginning of class the next day.

**Daily warm ups are collected on Fridays. Make sure if you're absent, you get the warm up from a friend.

1.3 - Teacher Workday
1.4 - Outsiders Film
1.5 - Outsiders Film and Comparison Worksheet
1.6 - Outsiders Standards Review
1.7 - Outsiders Standards Review

1.10 - Spelling Bee and Outsiders Crossword Puzzle
1.11 - Outsiders Infographic Project (project due on Friday - we'll work on this throughout the week as the schedule allows based on NC Check Ins)
1.12 - (ELA NC Check In)
1.13 - (Math NC Check In)
1.14 - (Science NC Check In)