Class Syllabi

6th Grade Language Arts

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I believe in a “whole literacy approach” to teaching Language Arts. A student’s typical day will include reading, writing, and G.U.M. (grammar, usage, and mechanics) lessons. Throughout the year, students will explore and come to feel confident with the concepts of literature circles and class literature seminars. We will read from both primary and secondary sources, and delve into the purposes of written works (i.e. persuasive, informative, and narrative).  We will also explore a variety of genres and read works by diverse authors. 

  • Language Arts students will need to bring an independent reading book to class EVERY day.  This can be a book they choose to read for their own enjoyment outside of school (as long as it is appropriate for school). 
  • We will be reading at least 3 novels this year. I do suggest purchasing these novels from Amazon or the local bookstore. Annotating will be easier when you can write in the book.