About Mrs. Rieger

Samantha Rieger

Hi! My name is Mrs. Rieger (pronounced REE-ger), and I enjoyed my first year at RMA so much last year that I couldn't wait to come back for round 2! I have experience teaching high school English 2 and 3, AP English Language, as well as community college writing courses.
I have a Master's Degree in Higher Education, Teaching English with a Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. My Bachelor's Degree is in English, Secondary Education. 

I love traveling and Harry Potter. I'm a sucker for Disney and Pixar movies (I mean have you listened to the song "Eye to Eye" from The Goofy Movie?!?). I probably drink too much coffee and seriously love a good rainy day!

I'm also the assistant Middle School Volleyball Coach, 8th grade chair, and co-advisor for the NJHS. 

I am married to a Software Engineer, Alec, and have two dogs: a two year old brindle terrier mix named Monroe and a one year old tan hound mix named Alexis!

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Everyone always asks me, “Why in the world would you want to teach?” The answer is simple: young students are undervalued and underappreciated for the impact they have on society. Many adults look down on students engaging in discourse because “they are just children – what do they know?” However, others criticize these same students for being too lackadaisical and uncaring. I believe that my job as an English teacher is to teach students to find their voice and understand their impact on society. I want to teach them how to speak up, loud and clearly, with sound claims, avoiding logical fallacies, with evidence to build their credibility. I believe my job is to create future citizens, and this is the most important job in the world.