Andrea Oswalt


Andrea Oswalt
Math 8 / Math 1


Welcome back! I'm looking forward to being back in the classroom and working with you!  

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We will be creating interactive notebooks this year, so all students will need to have a spiral notebook for math.


The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics consist of two types of standards – Standards for Mathematical Practice that span K–‐12 and Standards for Mathematical Content specific to each course.  The Standards for Mathematical Practice rest on important “processes and proficiencies” with longstanding importance in mathematics education.  They describe the characteristics and habits of mind that all students who are mathematically proficient should be able to exhibit.  The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice are:

  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  4.  Model with mathematics.
  5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  6. Attend to precision.
  7. Look for and make use of structure. 
  8.  Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. 

Topics Covered in Math 8

  • The Number System:  Know that there are numbers that are not rational, and approximate them by rational numbers. 
  • Expressions and Equations:  Work with radicals and integer exponents; understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations; analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations. 
  • Geometry:  Understand congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, or geometry software; understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem; solve real–‐world and mathematical problems involving volume of cylinders, cones and spheres.
  • Statistics and Probability:  Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.
  • Functions:  Define, evaluate,  and compare functions; use functions to model relationships between quantities.

Topics Covered in  Math I 

The Common Core Math I course offered in middle school is a compacted course comprised of a portion of the Common Core Math 8 standards and all of the Common Core Math I standards. This course deepens and extends understanding of linear relationships, in part by contrasting them with exponential and quadratic phenomena, and in part by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend.  In addition to studying bivariate data, students also summarize, represent, and interpret data on a single count or measurement variable.  The Geometry standards that appear in this course formalize and extend students’ geometric experiences to explore more complex geometric situations and deepen their explanations of geometric relationships, moving towards formal mathematical arguments. 

 The final exam is a high school exam.  North Carolina End–‐of–‐Course Test based on the Math I Standards will be administered upon the completion of this course. 


Homework will be assigned 3-5 days each week. All assignments will be listed in TEAMS. Please remember to use the Power School Online Portal to check up-to-date student grades. If you need login information, please contact 

 Brenna Russ  at [email protected]

Students should have their own  login/password so that they can check for missing work themselves.


Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call/text me @ 910-548-1915 with any questions or concerns.