Homework and Reminders

      Homework is given daily and must be turned in on time. Daily planners will be checked and initialed by parents for class money. This helps parents, students and the teacher all be on the same page to ensure the success of your child.
                     They will learn that
   they can do anything with hard work.                      I love the poem
    Invictus by William Ernest Henley
           It is the theme of our class.
"I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my soul! (we say Captain of My Ship!!
                   Class Motto
                Good Better Best
                 Never Let it Rest
          Till your good it better and
If you are on the wrong path, you can get off of it and get on another path. You are the Master of your Education!!

Fifth Grade Supply List 2021-2022

1 Zippered pencil pouch (not a pencil box)

2 Packages of 100 index cards (3x5 inch size)

1 2-inch Heavy Duty 3-ring binder

5 Dividers with pockets for the binder

2 Packages of wide-ruled filler paper

24 Sharpened pencils

1 Package of 8-12 Twistables® colored pencils (not crayons)

1 Package of pencil top erasers

1 Mead® GREEN plastic folder with pockets (Friday Folder)

1 Mead® BLUE plastic folder with pockets (Specials Folder)

1 Mead® RED plastic folder with pockets (Daily Work Folder)

1 Mead® YELLOW plastic folder with pockets (Group Folder)

1 Package of red pens for checking homework

1 Package of highlighters


Pair of scissors

Glue sticks

Package of Expo® fine dry erase markers

Package of Expo® chisel dry erase markers

1 Ream (500 sheets) of copy paper

2 Boxes of facial tissues (Girls-August) (Boys-December)

1 Roll of paper towels (Boys-August) (Girls-December)

BOYS – box of snack size Ziploc® bags

GIRLS – box of gallon size Ziploc® bags

*Recorder for Music Class (available at music stores or on Amazon)


Art Supplies for Fifth Grade 2021-2022

Please write your child’s name on each item for their art bag.

1 Box of Prang® or Crayola® 8 color watercolors

1 Box of Crayola ® Basics Washable markers (8 or 12 colors) Regular Size – no fine points or scented markers please

5 Elmer’s ® glue sticks

1 Package #2 pencils, sharpened

1 Large rubber eraser

1 Large (gallon-size) zippered fabric or heavy-duty plastic bag to store all art supplies.

Please do not buy the plastic boxes because they do not hold up to the wear and tear.