Paula Horning

Woohoo! We have made it to the end of the year!!

Math-Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing fractions and decimals.
Double digit divisors into 3 and 4 digit dividends. (Your child MUST KNOW all their multiplication facts to ensure success!!) Word problems have key words that help to solve that equation. You should be practicing word problems. 
Reading-Students should be using strategies taught in class when answering questions about a text, Mark it UP!! Where are the details in the story that back up your answers? Underline and number where the text backs up your answer.
Science-Weather is a major concept for 5th graders. Using games on science galaxy and quizizz can really help your child to remember the information for the EOGs. Encourage them to practice any skill using the fun education websites that we use in class are a great way to keep the learning going.
We are moving to Life Science and ecosystems now to finish the year.
Social Studies- The Revolutionary War has lots of history and the students are enjoying learning about how we got our independence. We are finishing up with the western states and capitals before testing our knowledge of all the states and capitals in our country, America. We will have a fun project at the end where students will display their knowledge of the United States of America.
We will begin reading City of Embers and compare and contrast the book with the movie. 

    Class Moto
   Good, Better, Best
   Never let it rest
  Till your Good is Better
   and YOUR Better is BEST!!
   I can't wait to see YOU!!


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