Your child will have homework Monday - Thursday.

Your child is required to write down his/her assignments in class and bring their completed homework back to school the next day.  Their planner is signed in class and you will sign that you checked that their homework was completed. Your child should be able to do their homework without your assistance. 



Students: We can. We must. We will.
Believe in your ability to become
the best that you can be!

READWORKS: 3 passages
READING: Theme in Poetry - Quiz Friday

MATH: Fractions - Test Friday
ELA: Wordly Wise 7  VOCAB Quiz - Friday 
Science: Ecosystems Vocab Test Friday
 Social Studies: Cherokee Nations  
Character Trait: Integrity

*TUTORING: Tuesdays & Thursdays until 3:45 ->       Afterschool Care at 3:50* beginning again on January 17th

Thesaurus: https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus

Lesson 1  https://quizlet.com/2557365/wordly-wise-book-4-lesson-1-flash-cards/
Lesson 2 https://quizlet.com/202468573/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-2-flash-cards/
Lesson 3 https://quizlet.com/202468507/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-3-flash-cards/
Lesson 4 https://quizlet.com/202468439/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-4-flash-cards/
Lesson 5 https://quizlet.com/202468388/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-5-flash-cards/
Lesson 6 https://quizlet.com/202468326/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-6-flash-cards/
Lesson 7 https://quizlet.com/202468271/wordly-wise-3000-level-4-lesson-7-flash-cards/

Geometry Terms https://quizlet.com/728132971/4th-grade-20-review-terms-flash-cards/