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Newsletter -  Week of 3/20
Thank you all that attended a conference. I am so glad that we were able to discuss your student and their progress!

What Are We Learning?

Reading - RI.K.2 Main Idea and Key Details

Writing -  W.K.2 Informative Writing 

Phonics - Qu and Yy

High Frequency Words - there, out, all, read 

Math - Module 5 Lessons 3-7

Science / Social Studies - K.E.1 Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year.

Important Dates:

April 3rd-7th - Book Fair: We will visit during our media time.

April 5th - Cap and Gown Pictures April 5th - Book Fair Hotdog Supper

April 7th-16th - Spring Break

April 17th - Putt Putt Field Trip

April 29th - April Birthdays Celebration 

May 4th - Field Day (more information to come)


Please pack a small snack for your child to have at the end of the day.

Class Wish List:

Gallon Size bags

Black dry erase markers

Pencil top erasers

Amazon Wishlist | Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer
Below is the link to our Amazon Wishlist to enhance our classroom environment. If you would like to donate, we would be so appreciative!
Classroom Wishlist