What a busy week this week! We have been working hard even though it is a short week this week! 

In math, students have been excelling at fractions! We are working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and students are doing really well at finding the lowest common denominator1 The only time students get stumped is when one of the denominators is already the lowest common denominator (for example, 2/4 and ⅜, the LCD would be 8, but students would think 16 or 32). We will be continuing to work on fractions next week, but adding and subtracting mixed numbers. The process is the same, but we have an additional step of converting the mixed number to an improper fraction first. On the math quiz on fractions we took today, the class average was 74% and there were 10 students who made 100%!!

In science we will be continuing our unit on Weather and how to predict upcoming weather patterns. We will get into jet streams and gulf streams, and El Nino and La Nina. This standard is complex, and students have been showing that they need more practice with this standard as a whole. 

In reading we will be discussing point of view, and using fairy tales to discuss events from different character’s points of view. We will do a fun activity with this the following week! We will be doing a Fairy Tale Trial with different characters from the fairy tales we will read next week. It will also pull in reason and evidence that we previously discussed. 

Last week on Friday Mr. Dragon invited my students to his class to watch a high school science experiment. My students were able to see the scientific method and had a great time interacting with the students in his class to test their hypothesis. This week Mr. Dragon came to my class to teach my students Monster Coding. The students had a great time with it, and 19 students have already completed the 18 levels of the coding assignment and earned their certificate. It is exciting to see students trying new things and succeeding with technology!