1st Grade Expectations


Students will have a Math homework packet sent home on Mondays and it will be due Friday of that week.  Students are to complete one page of the packet per night to line up with the lesson taught in Math that day.  There will also be a Monthly Calendar sent home beginning September 6, for them to complete writing and/or reading activities.  

Classroom Management
 In our class, we use Class Dojo.  Students can earn points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors.  We understand that some behaviors will happen as they are kids and we are all learning how to get along with each other.  However, repeated negative behaviors will result in more lost points and if severe enough, a phone call home and a warning of discipline referral to administration.  Each month students have a chance to show their positive behavior and have the chance to earn Student of the Month for our class.  We have also come up with goals for points to earn different prizes, like an ice cream party.  We also can earn "Moon Cheese".  Once ten pieces of "Moon Cheese" is earned students will vote on a special prize for a day: ie: Bring a Stuffed Animal to school day, Wear Socks in the Classroom, Wear Pajamas to School Day, and other rewards yet to be decided.